Friday, 10 June 2016

Vatican II

Pre Vatican II
After Vatican II
All masses were  said in Latin
Mass said in local language
Priests often spoke quietly
Priests now speak with heart and soul
Catholics were forced to see the Jewish Community in opposition to catholicism
Now Catholics see the Jewish Community as another friend
Priest did not face the congregation
The Priest could face the congregation
Only men got to participate in the Catholic mass
Now women can participate in the mass by contributing to alter service, readings and eucharistic minister.
Hymns and music would have been all the same in different churches.
Churches get to chose their own hymns and music that are relevant to catholicism

By: Tino.Losaline,Maira

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  1. Nice comparison of what happened before and after Vatican II. I love all the information you put in this. Keep up the great work Tino, Losa and Maira!