Friday, 29 August 2014

Book Review: Dork Diaries How to Dork your Diarie

Dork Diaries [ How To Dork Your Diary]

Dork Diaries is a fabulous amazing book about young girl whose name is Nikki who writes everything in her diary when I say everything I mean everything,about her crushes about her teachers that she hates and the worst person that she hates the most is Mackensie the person that hits on her crush Brandon. I also think I should stop talking about it and tell you what it should be rated on, it think that it should be rated as G and should be rated ages 8-10 and remember never tell the secrets in your diary.


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  1. Good review, I like the way you entice the reader to read the book and not mentioning much facts and leaving readers to think what might happen.... keep it up !!!!