Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Benefits Of Having A Chromebook

Do you think having the Chromebook helped you in learning?

Yes. The Chromebook helps me in my learning and it also helps me with………

  1.  Research.
  2. Helps me in my work.
  3. I can work faster.
  4. I learn more on it.
  5. I can take it anywhere.
  6. I can share my work with others such as friends etc.
  7. I can present my work in different ways.
  8. I can learn new apps.
  9. I can take it home.
  10. It comes with a email to use.
  11. I get my own blog with it
  12. Helps me more on digital learning.
  13. I can use it whenever I want to, also to finish work that I have not finished.
  14. I can download music and movies after 3.00

What new learning did you experience with Chromebook?

I can learn new websites such as dogonews,book-track classroom and more things on the web that at Mrs Cochrane gives me and I can publish things faster so I don't have to run back and forth to the slow computer sweet.

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