Monday, 22 June 2015

The Science Of Chocolate


1. Start with cocoa beans. From west Africa, 70% of the chocolate is cocoa beans. They look like football watermelons and inside it are small beans. The small beans  are extracted and are out in the sun to develop more flavour. Then are shipped around the world to make chocolate.

2. When they are at their destination they are cleaned, blended and dried. They make sure all the shells are broken and leave behind  the nibs to make the chocolate. The nibs are the main part of the chocolate.

3. The nibs are ground into cocoa mass. Then the mass is processed into cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Milk chocolate  and dark chocolate are made with all the ingredients. White chocolate does not include cocoa powder or cocoa mass only cocoa butter.

4. Sugar, milk and lecithin. All the ingredients are blended  and put through a series of rollers, and blended to a specific particle size. Conching is the final preparation step. The ingredients are carefully monitored in a gigantic tank for final flavoured tests. The then form it into bars, blocks and more.

5. The chocolate is heated through a process tempering machine, the tempering machine is to cool the chocolate and to make sure it is smooth. Once it is tempered it can be made into solid forms.Then they are ready to be shipped to the world. The possibilities with the chocolate is unstoppable.


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