Monday, 7 December 2015

Syrian Exodus

Syrians Exodus

Did you know a father loses a family everyday? Have you thought of living in Syria? How do they feel? Well I don't, but I have watched the news and wondered what is the person who has taken over Syria doing? Is he even thinking or is he just doing it for fun?

What is happening in Syria?
If you watch the news then you have heard about families that have been taken as hostages and to bow down and respect a man who has taken over the country. Once there was a little toddler boy who was washed up and faced down found on the beach, because his father had paid a lot of money to take his family away from this invasion in a inflated boat. This is what happens when a person comes and invades a country or takes over. The Syrians are now fighting for their rights and going on boats to go to Germany or Greece and trying to get to safety. Sometimes they jump off the boat and get wrapped in a tyre waiting for other sailors to find them. The Syrians experience this everyday, the people that are trapped in Syria are now slaves and some of the fathers have to help the smugglers to find the people that are hiding.

What can we do to help?
To help and provide food for the children we can support education in their camps, help them to have a healthy life and many more ways. You can also donate money to the children that are in Syria and also the children who are suffering from many things and issues.

What is the cause of Civil War?
I think that it was Syria’s president's fault because he started the civil war. Also because he misjudge the people. I also believe that it was not just his fault but it was also the people’s fault. Why do I think that it is the people’s fault? I think that it was the people’s fault because they continued the civil war and was very aggressive. The policemen there was also part of it because they were not letting the people escape from their country and also the policemen were torturing the people in many bad ways such as punching,kicking and many other things.

By: Losaline


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