Monday, 7 December 2015

Great Helper For Great Apes

Great Helper For Great Apes

This article is about a women named Birute Mary Galdikas. She has studied about orangutans for more than 40 years.

She started learning about them at the age of 6 because the first book that she read was “Curious George”.But she was always interested in animals, even before she started kindergarten.

She barely knew anything about orangutans because she was only seven years old. She wanted to become a explorer and travel to rainforests to learn more and more.She wants to go to the jungle and learn how orangutans live. She said “the public library was my lifeline to knowledge and information”.

When TFK asked her”is there habitat disappearing faster than other rainforests and she answered “All tropical rainforests are threatened”. She is worried so much because 50% of process food is in the supermarket contains palm oil which means that it is coming from the rainforests. It is also destroying all of the rainforests.

TFK asked her a question she answered “hopefully those leaders and palm oil companies will stick to their word and stop cutting down primary rainforests in order to protect orangutans and other living animals, living in there. I think this woman is a powerful woman for sticking up for this and saying what she wants and what she thinks.

TFK: Time For Kids

By: Losaline

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