Monday, 7 December 2015

My Evaluation

My Evaluation

What did I learn?
I learnt about plants, how they reproduce, planets and stars, how many stars and planet are there are in the sky. How to add in a faster way, how to divide more faster. More facts in novels and books. We learned different topics for the term-- planet's, social issues (Syrian exodus,the dark side of chocolate, child labour), science, different artwork, experiments ( marbles, bridges, water clock).

Why were you learning that?
We were learning the topics for the term and this will help us know better about our surrounding and about the world we live in.  It will help me to be good in research and inquiry and also in presenting my work differently.

What am I pleased about?
I am pleased about my Maths learning decimals, percent  and fractions.  I learned many strategies to work out word problems. I have made a good improvement in my word problems. I came to know about planets,stars, plants, endangered animals, to be a good friend, how to have good self-esteem, social issues, hands on experiments and different ways of writing and presenting work.

Who helped me in my learning?
Maranita, my parents, and my teacher Mrs Cochrane.

What do I need help with?
I think I need to be more focused on my work and get into my work quickly.  I need to do more of my homework and learn more facts.

What do I want to learn next year?
Music and Instruments, more on research and projects, learning languages, more experiments, more of visual art.

By: Losaline

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