Monday, 3 November 2014

Ella and The Horrible Giant

Ella and The Horrible Giant

Once a upon a time there once lived a young mature girl whose name is Ella and she lived with her parents and three sisters and twin brothers in a city called Frell oh and I also forgot to mention that they were her step family. One afternoon her mother went to hospital because she was having a baby but it was just a scan with her husband, and the twins went to the park. So at home it was just the four sisters, so the three sisters just kept talking about prince Charmont and Ella was just reading a book called King Arthur. After a while Ella decided to take a stroll in the forest and thats when she met a little jaguar and named him Christopher while she was getting firewood for tonight.While she was in the forest she bumped into a big castle and then suddenly she heard a loud voice that said “ who dares to attack my castle” then Ella replied “ Ella Afrell then at least less than 10 seconds he was down there like he was in a marathon and picked the young mature girl up and screamed in her face and dropped her down and now she was the one who was running like she is in a marathon. Then when she finally got home and told her family the whole story but they just laughed until the end of supper so then she knew she was so different compared to her family and that whole night in she read a book that inspired her very much King Arthur. The next morning Ella got up early and went to say sorry with a big basket with burgers,cupcakes and much more sweets, she had to order a truck to help her carry the basket to the giant in the big castle so first she knocked and the door opened by itself and a voice boomed “who is there” and Ella said “its me Ella I have brang a gift for you that is full of food and that will have a huge sorry card so I hope you forgive me for what I have done wrong” then finally the hairy toed giant came out and said I forgive you. After a while El5la went home and told everyone especially her best friend Brigetta and she actually believed her. Back at the giants he opened the huge sorry card and a BIG PIE went in his hairy face and back at Ellas she was laughing because there was a little camera and she could see him through her laptop and her and Brigetta were laughing hard out and thats when the giant learned his lesson which is to never ever scream in peoples faces and Ella and her step family lived happy ever after with their new baby called Harmony.



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