Monday, 10 November 2014

Jumping of the side of the bridge

“ Look dad, its two boys jumping of the side wall with beautiful lines across them” ahhh I remember doing that. When I saw the two little boys jumping you could see them with fear but when the little boy threw himself to go in the water the other little boy was not paying attention to the little boy who was jumping with his arms spread around and his legs in a running position , he was looking down at the silky water that was not seethru because he is thinking about what's under this water it could be a mysterious creature that eats meat so for example a shark,a eel that wants to sink it teeth into his bones and the blood will show in the dark silky water ewwwwww.

When the first little boy jumped he was free willy but they were actually both free willy because they wore no t-shirt but of course they were wearing pants one was wearing blue pants and the other was wearing black shorts.

In the background there were cars that were beeping at each other because on went in front of each other. Then the  sky was full with clouds like cast that was auditioning for a roll called cover the sky brother.

I think this is good because it was probably their worst nightmare and they got over they horrifying fear and who knows there might be a mysterious creature that wants to seek its teeth into your bones.       


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